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November 24, 2010

Solamatrix Sponsors Courage Polar Bear Dip to Support World Vision

  019 New Year’s Day typically brings new feelings of hope with renewed self-promises and resolutions. In that same light, hundreds of people in Canada will jump into the frigid and icy waters of Lake Ontario raising money to bring clean water to the people of Tanzania. The goal is to give clean water to more than 95% of families in the region who must use unsafe wells or draw their drinking water from polluted ponds.

This is all part of the annual Courage Polar Bear Dip in Oakville, Ontario, Canada – a charitable event organized by the owners of Courage Distributing. The 26th Annual Polar Bear Dip will take place on January 1, 2011 in an effort to raise $100K towards the Manonga Water and Sanitation Project which will bring clean water and improved health to the community of Manonga, Tanzania. Funds raised this year will complete the project in Mononga.

Solamatrix, manufacturers of the popular Sun-Gard solar control window films and Glass-Gard safety and security films, is proud to be annual sponsors of the event. “Courage Distributing is one of our closest business partners and we are happy to support Todd and Trent along with the many volunteers that work tirelessly to help those in need,” says Angie Howard, marketing communications manager.

012 Todd Courage explains, “Over three million people, two thirds of these children, die around the world every year from drinking contaminated water. Trent and I had the opportunity to visit the Kahi Water Project in Rwanda last year and observed the impact that clean water has on a community for not just drinking but cooking, cleaning, manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.”

Todd continues, “Water really is the ‘essence of life’ and we applaud our sponsors like Solamatrix who help make an enormous impact on so many lives.”

This year, ten year old Adam Mills has organized a “polar cub” group of friends to help raise awareness. Adam has created a Twitter page dedicated to raising awareness for the Manonga Water project in Tanzania and has developed quite a following. According to the brave youngster, “I enjoy jumping in the cold water because it’s a good cause and raises money for water projects. It makes me feel good because it helps to make other kids happy to get fresh water.”

Net proceeds from the Courage Polar Bear Dip have been given to World Vision Canada since 1995. In that time over $660,000 has been raised and has funded water projects around the world. Last year, a record-breaking year, brought in $230,000 to the Kahi Water Project in Rwanda, while also fully funding a water project in Kenya AND create an opportunity to start another clean water project in Tanzania!

According to the Polar Dip website: “All life depends on water. On this the 26th anniversary of the Courage Polar Bear Dip, please give generously so that children and the families in Manonga can access clean water, a valuable resource we often take for granted……you can make a difference.” To help support the project, please click here. For more information, check out the Related Links below or email info@polarbeardip.ca.

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November 10, 2010

Glass-Gard Offers Security and Protection to Small Business Owners

Owning a small business requires safeguarding your office space with the utmost protection and security measures to protect valuables, products, equipment and files from theft, weather or structure damage. The risk of personal injury due to a glass-related accident should also weigh heavy on the mind of any business or property owner.

Glass-Gard Safety and Security films are specially designed to help hold a broken pane of glass together, keeping dangerous shards attached to the film’s adhesive system. Acting as a thin barrier, Glass-Gard helps prevent flying shards of razor sharp glass from becoming a danger reducing risk of physical injury or damage to the interior.

In the unfortunate event of a theft or burglary, Glass-Gard also makes it possible to slow down the chance of the intruder’s breaking and entering. This type of security film is also an attractive alternative to window security bars. The film is virtually invisible, so the intruder won’t know it’s there until he has taken a swipe at the glass – a hard enough swipe will break the glass but Glass-Gard will make it much more difficult for the thief to get in.

Nonprofit consumer safety organizations advocate these safety and security films as an effective way of protecting against glass-related injuries. Whether you are concerned about sustaining damage from a natural disaster or simply wanting some protection against criminal activity, Glass-Gard films are a smart solution to protecting your small business.

How does the Glass-Gard technology work? Engineered with powerful adhesives, Glass-Gard is a thin, clear, polyester film which is laminated to the interior surface of your windows or doors. When professionally installed, this clear product provides lasting protection that you can’t even see. However, Glass-Gard is also available in tinted and metallized versions offering added benefits such as increased privacy, protection from glare and ultraviolet light, reduced energy consumption and a uniform appearance to your home or building.

John Maguire, of Maguire’s Printing in St. Petersburg, Florida, entrusts his small business with Glass-Gard Clear, 4 mil. “Someone with tremendous strength threw a brick at our shop window with such force that not only did it go through the window, but across the room before embedding itself in the wall! Although the brick went through the Glass-Gard film, it still held the glass in place, setting off our alarm and summoning the police.”

By utilizing a unique technology in its development, many of our Glass-Gard films meet the rigorous standards established by the Dade County Small Missile Test, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American National Standards Institute and numerous other safety test standards all over the world.

Glass-Gard is trusted by home owners, building owners, property managers, government facilities, store owners, schools, hospitals and law enforcement. Glass-Gard is backed by industry-leading warranties.

Glass-Gard is offered in a variety of shades and weights to meet your specific needs. Click on the different types below to learn more.

Glass-Gard Century – Our all-metallized premium line of film
Glass-Gard Solar Safety – Combines glass breakage protection with solar control benefits
Glass-Gard Clear – Glass breakage protection that won’t change the appearance of your windows
Glass-Gard AG – An exterior application that protects surfaces from permanent damage caused by vandalism

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