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July 27, 2012

UV GARD by SUN-GARD Continues to Offer Protection to Child with Rare Skin Condition

DSCN0254 (2)2Let us reintroduce you to Peyton, a little boy with an extraordinarily rare and incurable skin disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP).  XP is a rare genetic disease where Peyton’s DNA lacks the ability to repair damage from UV light. It causes Peyton to be extremely sensitive to the damaging effects of the sun and other UV radiation sources. XP can lead to the early onset of skin cancer and melanoma. A couple of years ago we were able to help Peyton and his family by donating our UV GARD film for use on his custom protective hats.  These specialized hats allow those with XP to be out in the daylight for brief periods such as walking to and from the car from a building.

We are pleased to share that Peyton is doing very well and will soon be entering the first grade! His family has worked hard to come up with creative ways to allow him to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors.  Recently, they installed our film on a camper so that while inside Peyton can enjoy a nice view of the outdoors rather than being forced to keep the blinds closed. Once the sun goes down he is able to exit the camper and enjoy nature first hand.

The XP Family Support Group has played a huge role in the lives of Peyton and his family. The group is dedicated to improving the quality of life of those affected with xeroderma pigmentosum through education and support services, researching effective treatments, and ultimately finding a cure. To assist in their fight, the group is hosting its Annual Golf Tournament this August to raise money for their cause.  The golf tournament will consist of nine holes played during the day and nine holes of “glow in the dark” golf played at night so that those with XP can also join in on the fun.  SUN-GARD is proud to be participating in this event as a gift bag sponsor.  We wish the XP Family Support Group a successful event and commend their efforts in helping those affected by this condition!

To learn more about XP and how you can help others like Peyton visit, http://www.xpfamilysupport.org/index.html.




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